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Many development in the last 50 years or so have improved performance of the bituminous mixtures.

Increase in asphalt concrete performances has often focused on the use of modification polymers, for bitumen – PMB, What is often unconsidered is the importance of bitumen-aggregate adhesion which is independent from any polymer modification performed. Perfect adhesion between the binder and the stone elements prevents water from filtering between the two materials, this prevent […]

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Classification and naming of bitumen emulsions , Selection of bitumen emulsions for various Road works

Bitumen emulsions are classified according to the electrolytic charge on the droplets and according to their reactivity(Setting Time). Cationic emulsions have droplets which carry a positive electrolytic charge where as anionic emulsions have negatively charged droplets , hence two types of bitumen emulsions. Cationic – Positively charged droplets Anionic – Negatively charged droplets Also bitumen […]

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Timely Road Surface Maintenance Can save lot of money, inconvenience and Increase reputation of the organization.

Research has shown that potholes size ( Depth and spread) grow faster than we generally perceive, The growth of pot hole volume is dependent on various factors such as type of surface, type of road base ,traffic volume, drainage intensity of rainfall and terrain dominate among many other . Following a well formulated set of […]

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