Timely Road Surface Maintenance Can save lot of money, inconvenience and Increase reputation of the organization.

Research has shown that potholes size ( Depth and spread) grow faster than we generally perceive, The growth of pot hole volume is dependent on various factors such as type of surface, type of road base ,traffic volume, drainage intensity of rainfall and terrain dominate among many other . Following a well formulated set of maintenance interventions can save money and inconvenience caused to road users.

In Srilanka out of approximately 110,000 km of Roads approximately about 60,000 km are paved and all weather roads. In the recent past many roads have been upgraded to asphalt paved surfacing ,and many rural roads to concrete and block paved surfacing.

The custodians of roads are RDA ( National Roads), Provincial Councils ( PC Roads), Municipal Councils, Urban councils, Padesia sabah , plantation authorities, and few government institutions such as Dept of Irrigation, Wild life etc.

It is found that many MCC and UCC do not have planned maintenance routine. Where as PS, plantation authorities and government institution other than RDA and PCC do not have a working arrangement to affect continuous road maintenance.

Road surface of traditional mettlled and tarred roads develop pot holes more often than asphalt paved roads. Pot holes if not closed within a reasonable time, since its formation causes it to grow ( depth and spread) its size. The volume of the pot holes when monitored show that a road with less than 200 vehicles per day, in flat terrain increase as much as 900% – 1600% within a Month. Hence it could be deduced that if pot holes are closed as soon as practically possible will save money spent on material and labour on closing pot holes at the proportions of 9 to 15 time apart from reducing road user cost and inconvenience to road users.

Following table shows some results of a survey done on national roads which is mettled and tarred surfaced and has traffic less than 200 Vehicle per day.

Time (Days)Pot hole volume in CC (Cubic Centimeter)
Pot Hole -1 VolumeVolume IncreasePot hole -2 VolumeVolume IncreasePot hole -3 VolumeVolume IncreaseTotal Volume
76605.7 times18006.0 times48002.89 times7260

Asphalt cold mix which could be easily prepared by those who are responsible for maintenance of roads. However keeping the cold mix preparation facility such as yards, stocking Bitumen , mettle and sand  could be  cumbersome also difficult to own such a unit in continuous basis according to government procedures.

Purchasing cold mix from a organization which has the facility to prepare cold mix  such as RDA or PCC  or from private sector is a well suited strategy .

Closing of pot holes on time saves money, increase public convenience and their perception on services provided by those responsible organizations.

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    • Allen M. Shisler
    • June 19, 2017

    Actually I agree with this. Timely maintenance of roads will save us lots of money. Great article for who in roads segment.

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