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Bituprimer that come in many different types of primer be based on the substrate, weather conditions, and the type of coating being applied. It is used for the sealing and protection of surfaces made of concrete and metal, such as rooms, underground walls, foundations of underground drains, tanks made by concrete or metal. It is also used as a primer for the attachment of bituminous membranes, diluted by 20% with gasoline. It is affected by petroleum products. It should not be applied on surfaces of products made of polystyrene, as it contains organic solvents.

Advantages of Bituprimer

  • Suitable for many types of surfaces
  • It dries quickly
  • It creates a protective membrane that is highly resistant to water, diluted acids and alkaline

Bituprimer as Surface Coating

A decision to employ a primer should not be made without consulting the manufacturer’s requirements for the specific coating and substrate. A primer is never a substitute for proper membrane preparation. The substrate should be clean and dry prior to roof coating application.

Bituprimers are generally applied to clean dry surfaces, however asphalt emulsions primers can be applied to damp (not wet) surfaces. Primer and surface coating application should occur in short order. Surfaces which generally require primer include; metal flashings, gravel stops, and other metal edging, concrete and masonry roof decks, masonry walls and floors and gypsum and other porous surfaces. Asphalt primers should be used with asphalt materials only.

Application Mode of Bituprimer

  • Check surfaces to make sure that they are dry and clean from dirt, oils and rickety materials.
  • Stir the product well before use.
  • Apply the material using a grass brush, a paintbrush, a roller or a paint sprayer gun.
  • For the priming (pre-coating) dilute the material by 20% using gasoline.
  • For sealing /waterproofing protection, you only need to apply an extra coating diluted by 10% using gasoline.
  • If you want a stronger, longer lasting protective membrane, apply another coating, diluted by 10% with gasoline, once the previous coating has dried completely.
  • Surfaces that are exposed to the sun, should be covered after 24 hours, using the bituminous aluminum varnish for protection of the membrane from the ultraviolet radiation that causes aging.

Tools should be cleaned immediately after use, by using gasoline.

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